welcome to my domain!!!!!!

hi i'm lilith or nex!!! i use they/them or she/her pronounz (change them in the same sentence :3) im into a lot of stuff and hopefully it's all somewhere in the button section :D! i don't have much going for me at the moment but any time i do something i'll fit them in here somehow!! i might even revamp this page when i know what im doing... :o feel free to check out my socials and message me x3 !!

upd8 25/10/22: music player added! had to do some bullshit to get around adblock, but it works so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. annoyingly i now have to use localhost to preview it offline unless i comment out the player, so if it disappears one day i just forgot to uncomment it lol. i tried to get the header div to be less tall, but padding is Not my friend and just doesnt want to work :T. i'll figure something out eventually!

upd8 20/10/22: site inception!!!! i spent 9 hours with little knowledge of html/css building this site, and im happy with it for now! i might turn this into a box and re-theme it sometime soon, but i dont have the brain for colors atm. so welcome!!! feel free to contact me on my socials and tell me how i could improve :3 thank you for stopping by!